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Big Pine

Big Pine Florida Vacation Rentals and Big Pine Places to Visit
Big Pine is one of the larger Keys. Quiet less developed, less congestion, retail stores, and restaurants. Much different than the upper keys.

There are lots of woods, lots of sink holes the alligators love to inhabit
The woods are filled with predator birds including hawks, ospreys, falcons, and eagles.

The Big Pine Key Island is home to the Key Deer population. The Key Deer habitat is preserved as much as possible.

Abandoned rock quarry was used for roads and Henry Flagler’s Overseas Railroad. Today its filled with fresh water and is used by wildlife, birds, snakes, alligators, and iguanas. It is part of the National Key Deer Refuge.

Things to do, places to visit, site seeing in Big Pine

Big Pine Key – Lower Keys

  • National Key Deer Refuge – Observe the key deer, a small deer and subspieces of the Virginia white-tailed deer.
  • Bahia Honda State Park – beautiful beaches, magnificent sunsets, and excellent snorkeling. Visitors can picnic on the beach and take a swim.
  • Blue Hole – Sinkhole with a nature observation platform. Alligators reside in Blue Hole.
  • Looe Key – Seven miles offshore named after a British ship tropical fish and coral canyons. One of the clearest places to snorkel.
  • Perky Bat Tower – Built by Ricter Perky in hopes of eating the Islands mosquitoes.
  • Great White Heron National Wildlife Refuge – Accessable by boat. You will see lots of Mangrove Islands and wetlands. Wildlife includes sea turtles and great white herons.
  • Jack C. Watson Nature Trail – Palms, slash pine, and hammock.

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