Top Ways I Save On Vacation

Top Ways I Save On Vacation

I have to admit I love to travel as much as the next person. Spending days scrolling through peoples Instagram feeds watching them travel all around the world I am extremely envious. Although I do love to travel at this point in my life our family is not independently wealthy enough to travel to all [...]

Last Minute Florida Vacation Rentals By Owner

Just like hotels who don’t like to have vacancies neither do vacation rental owners.When time is running out and a home is still available many vacation rentals by owner will reduce their price and offer a last minute special in order to avoid having the home remain vacant and not have any revenue that week.This [...]

Pet Friendly Vacation Rentals Florida

If you ever tried to travel with your pet finding lodging that will accommodate pets can be a frustrating experience. Most hotels will not accept pets and the ones that do will charge a high pet fee. Luckily for you we have an alternative with these pet friendly vacation rentals Florida and just like yourself [...]

10 Tips to know for vacation rental by owner

We put a list together to help protect the owner as well as the renter of the 10 Tips to know for vacation rental by owner. The list has 10 items and could easily be a lot longer. This is just a start, for more information you should get a book or do a lot [...]