Places to Visit Florida Anna Maria Island


Anna Maria Island is one of Florida’s biggest tourist attractions. Many of the people that come to Anna Maria Island are there for its many shopping stores, fishing piers, beaches and restaurants. If you’re there to fish, well, just follow the locals. The most popular fishing piers on Anna Maria Island are the Historical Pier, where many of the locals come to fish and have a drink at the bar. At the historical pier you can buy some bait right there as well! Many of the locals also have their names on the boards that build this wonderful pier. Which you can have done as well! Another pier that is more hidden to the public that the locals know about is Rod & Reel Pier. This pier you can buy your bait at as well, Have a bite at their café, along with having a beer or two. On Anna Maria Island you will also find that it’s a great place to just relax, and enjoy the sunny Florida weather.

Places to Visit Florida Anna Maria Island

You will find many people out boating, canoeing, jet skiing, tubing and Para-sailing. That doesn’t include the many festivals we have year round. We also have a few Preserves that you can walk our lovely shores trails to have an awesome get away from all the sound. The shopping is a true pleasure at Anna Maria Island, with tons of shopping centers, and gift shops for our visitors.

Holmes beach is one of the favorite beaches of locals and tourists and boasts beautiful white sand and a great place just to relax.

If you’re looking to come and visit these Anna Maria Island check Anna Maria Island vacation rentals.I hope you get the chance to come and visit us down here, with nice sunny weather all year round. I guarantee you will not be disappointed!

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