Hot Tub Pool and Waterfront

Hot Tub Pool and Waterfront
Property Id:183811
City:Pompano Beach
Property Type:Home
Min Days:3
Pets Allowed:Yes
Pool:Private Pool
Community Name:Cypress Lakes
Top Features:Hot Tub
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Get that beautiful tan! Day dream while you relax by a sparkling, clear pool, or hop into our latest addition, a gorgeous hot tub . You can read a great book while sitting on the patio with the sun beaming down on you. Hit the revitalized gorgeous beach, play golf at one of our great courses. These dreams become reality for you at Coconut Haven! Be the envy of your friends when you arrive back home with a gorgeous Florida tan.

We recently had a poor review regarding our hot tub needing repair and other things. Please note that our responsibility is to keep our vacationers happy and we do everything in our power to do so. The bad review came from a very arrogant man. We were waiting for a new part for the hot tub and he insisted it be done immediately. The part was ordered and the hot tub fixed the second day of his vacation. From that issue on we could not please, regardless of what we did for him.

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