What is Fireball Approves?

Fireball approves is a third party verification system who checks and verifies the legitimacy of the owners who have listed on this website. Renters can have confidence on Fireball approved listing that the owners is legit and have been thoroughly checked and verified. Look out for the Fireball approves logo for the properties that have been verified.

Owners why you should list your property with us?  We are one of the first vacation rental portals currently utilizing and thoroughly verifying property owners and their properties. The big portal sites are charging enormous fees to renters to insure if an owner is not legit but they are not actually properly verifying the owner listings. We are trying to protect you and the renter without charging booking fees or other fees but also give protection against scammers. Owners get your property listed and Fireball approved with us today. Learn about all the benefits you get when listing your property with our site.


Renters Why you should rent a Fireball approves property?   You can be assured Fireball approves has checked the legitimacy of the owners and you can book your vacation rental with confidence. Search all our Fireball approved properties.

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